Task Management for Non-Profits

Like all business non-profit organizations need to plan, analyse, evaluate and report about a particular task’s progress. But task management for a non-profit can differ from task management for a for-profit business. As a person working with a non-profit, you wear a lot of hats. At times it becomes very challenging to organize and still maintain high productivity.

Why task management can be ‘not-so-tough’ for non-profits?

Even if you are on top of your calendar from day 1, running a non-profit can be tough. It is very important to understand what you’re up against, so that you can overcome challenges like:

Small budget: As non-profits tend to put as most of their budget towards the cause they support. It can be difficult to dedicate a portion of that money for self-improvement and management.

Inexperienced staff: Most of the non-profit work is done by volunteers or by a small group of people who wear multiple hats. This means that knowledge of task management methodologies is rare or non-existent for many non-profits.

Working at different times and locations: Because much of a non-profit’s workforce exists in the form of volunteers and employees who need to work on field, the working time and work locations create difficulty in having face to face meeting and distribute tasks. This may cause inconsistent workflow and output.

By being aware of these issues you can plan and succeed if you use proper tools.

Whether you are a single-person operation or part of a team, myTaskEasy enables your projects to function with a clear organization and flow.

You can see your and your team members real-time updates, this helps you to know exactly what tasks have been completed, pending, and ones have yet to be started. Its ease of use and flexibility literally has little to no learning curve.

Users can create, modify, assign, add notes, and complete to-dos as necessary. myTaskEask offers multiple avenues to foster communication and collaboration.

With the mobile view access, you can manage anything and everything on the go!

We at StraViso understand and support what you strive for. We want to help a tiny bit when it comes to managing all your efforts and task smoothly.
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