The Struggle with Task Management

What are the 6 Major Reasons We Struggle with Task Management and Productivity?

Being productive is the key to success, but it is not easy. In fact, it can become extremely difficult to manage tasks and be productive. Poor productivity and task management is usually caused by a failure to plan ahead and not evaluating the work that you need to complete.

What are the major reasons we struggle?


Poor planning skills means you are not looking at the big picture and not planning accordingly. You should divide your work as projects and look at tasks you need to complete to achieve the big picture. It is helpful to break them down into smaller sections and set targets for the day, week and the month.


People generally fail to prioritize the tasks they have ahead of them. Once you define your project and the smaller sections it is important to prioritize the tasks/targets. Define them as Critical, High, medium or Low. This will help you understand how urgent and important they are.


Once you have broken the projects into manageable tasks and defined their priority you need to see how you are actually doing. Mark the tasks completed on the go, use charts, reports and progress bars to see how you are doing.


If you are a project manager and you need to keep an eye on the project progress, team performance, billing and accounting matters. There are many parts of this which you can automate. Automated routines will save weeks of your time in the long run.


If you are a business owner, lead or a manager and you have a lot going – meetings, job interviews, reports, management routine tasks, etc., you must consider delegating tasks to your team members. This way they will learn some new skills and you will have more time for tasks that require your direct involvement.


Planning your work is much easier with good tools. It gives you quick access to your tasks or your team members tasks that need to be completed. Having a project and task management tool helps, as it’s easier to track your performance. All the above problems can be solved with one simple solution.
What is it you ask?

Checkout myTaskEasy, it helps you to create and assign tasks, prioritize and track progress till closure. It is cloud based with an online mobile friendly interface. Here are some of the Key Features that might interest you.

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