Adapting Your Portfolio to the New Normal

In the current pandemic environment, all of us are struggling to adapt to the New Normal.

While there’s no secret formula for finding a balance in these difficult times, the more you plan out your life, the more time you end up having for yourself. We are steering both present and future defined by challenge and change.

How much of your time becomes unproductive with those news, stories, and social media communications?

Almost half the day gets spent over checking phone calls and managing social obligations. Especially when you are a high performing professional, how productive would you be if you were only getting rummaged over deadlines and meetings with no systematic approach.

Still, Albert Einstein quote – ‘Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony, In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity’ stands true.


Definitely, technology is the double-edged sword. The radical rate at which technologies based on AI are growing is something worth a thought. Just a short while ago, what seemed to be a futuristic narrative has quickly become a mainstream technology. Yes right!

Great progress is being achieved in context to Artificial Intelligence based tools, complex algorithms, automation, and natural language processing. You would be imagining, How? Imagine a tool which is going to help you in assigning tasks to your team, take a follow-up, setup meeting, or even create customized reports. What a Delight! It becomes essential to have an efficient, qualitative, and accountable solution to work smart and stay organized. MyTaskEasy is one such powerful solutions from StraViso which comes with this promise.

Why StraViso?

The brand brings decades of experience working with global clients to turn business challenges into opportunities. We take a strategic approach to understand your business processes, workflows and interactions between departments and customers thereby developing intelligent systems. These systems flow seamlessly between people and technology to maximize productivity, efficiency and communications. The StraViso ecosystem is comprised of 13 pre-integrated applications. Each application focuses on its own unique functions, while seamlessly working with other systems to provide an efficient and scalable solution. Driven by artificial intelligence and utilizing omni-channel communications, these applications deliver state-of-the-art communications and automation on any channel or device.

If you are in doubt and would like to optimize your digital platforms while adapting to the New Normal, do not hesitate to contact us!

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